Amorphisms, 2008-9

Stream of consciousness drawings, the initial sketches began as a daily exercise. As they evolved, they incorporated imagery reminiscent of cellular structures. Polycystina capture fluid motion. 

The Wisp drawings below reflect an airborne quality.

Trees, 2008

The Tree of Life carries with it ideas of the sacred; of earth and sky, of fertility and rebirth, of immortality.

These drawings reference trees of life. I began with images I took of water in Boston Harbor. The stylized lines became the root system, the anchor from which a tree grows. Each tree has a distinct personality. Gilding recalls medieval manuscript illumination, the miniature scale of the drawings, a memento, that special something we hold close.

Trees is comprised of 30 drawings.

Scapes, 2005

These ink drawings reduce garlic bulbs to line and shadow

© 2016 Helga Felleisen

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